Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What Bryson has been up to lately

I have been wanting to post pictures of this for a long time but have never got around to it. Now that the season is over I am finally getting around to posting some tball pictures of Bryson.

We never wanted to be the family that is running there kids around to games all summer, but really with Bryson's accident we had a change of heart. We literally saw that any physical activities that we can get Bryson involved in now is like extra physical therapy and a confidence booster. And that is what tball has turned out to be for Bryson this year. He loved every minute of it and really did quite well. As far as skill level goes he was pretty average, which I think is great considering he has an added obstacle. It just proves to me once again that we should never try to put limits on Bryson, because I am not sure there is anything that he can't or won't be able to do. (Already swimming, skiing, and tball - what will be next.)

I think you will be amazed when you look at these pictures how you don't notice his prosthetic leg very much. At the games you can tell that he is running different, but hopefully when we get him back in PT some of that will be corrected. (speaking of PT - right now we are on a waiting list to get in!)

Anway, hope you enjoy the pics!



65 Roses for Marcia said...

Bryson, you are such an amazing little boy!! I saw you jumping on the trampoline last week. That looked like fun too!!

Jenni said...

Way to go, Bryson! You rock!

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun memories you are making! We loved watching Jason play ball as a little guy! Bryson is truly amazing and I am so happy for him and for you all!!
Nothing is too big! God is so good!
Marsha Grate

Anonymous said...

Hello Beau,
I have not looked in on how Bryson has been doing for a while and am enjoying seeing him adjust and even thrive. Since I last saw you my brother had an amputaion below the knee due to diabetes, and we are working towards a prosthetic this fall or winter.
Thank for keeping the blog up for those of us who do not want to intrude, but are lifting you and your entire family up.
The video of Bryson and you...some things never change, and I am glad :>)
Marcia Swiger (Camp Buckeye bd)

Tracy Anne said...

Fabulous! You really do Rock Bryson!!! Was Jason Hummel your coach?

Hope to see you folks in July!!!

Jodi said...

This is absolutely AWESOME!!! Bryson's smile says it all. :)

ethan said...

Bryson you are looking gouges.
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