Sunday, May 17, 2009

My goofball of a son

So, I have to post this video for you. It cracks me up! Hopefully it will show you not only what a goofball my son is, but it will let you see how fun and full of life he really is. After going through the lawnmower accident, amputation, hospital stays, and other surgeries, as a parent I was little worried that the joy of life would be sucked right out of him - well it is not -and PRAISE GOD for that!

The song in the video is "True Dog" from Toby Mac's "Portable Sounds" CD




65 Roses for Marcia said...

So which one did you say was the goofball??? lol I enjoyed this, especially the ending part!!!

Tracy Anne said...

Hahaha Marcia! I was going to say something very similar! Nicole, both of your "boys" are goofballs!

See you in July!

amy said...

=-) What can you do, but smile? My children love to hear about Bryson and how he is doing...this will surely bring a chuckle and smiles to them as well.

keny said...

this is one of the best videos i have ever seen! I laughed so hard! thanks it was just what i needed :)

Shelly Buck said...

loving the life in your sweet little boy. still come back to see what you're up to and pray for you when I think of you. Hope all is well.

mi*chelle said...

My kids love this track, too. :)