Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ohio Wheelchair Games

Have you ever heard of it? The Ohio Wheelchair Games is an athletic event for parathletes. I don't know all of the details, but I do know they have track events and swimming events and this year Bryson was old enough to be in the swimming events. You have to at least be 7 years old to be in the junior competitions. It is a pretty cool event where the athletes will compete against other people in their age group and classification (that being differing levels of ability). We heard about the event through the swimming team Bryson is a part of through The Adaptive Sports of Ohio nonprofit organization. (They have a website if you are interested.) Bryson did an amazing job and he loved racing! He came in first place in the four events he competed in, but I will have to be honest and tell you that I'm sure there wasn't anyone competing in his age and classification level for the swimming. He did race against other people, which he enjoyed, but his place didn't matter because he wasn't technically competing against them. It was so much fun to watch him race. We had been timing him in practice, but nothing prepared us for how well he would do when he was actually competing. He had his best times in each event he did! And as he finished each race he was beaming! I think it helped that he had quite the cheering section, grandma, grandpas, an uncle and aunt, cousins, and even I think would be a third cousin. (Thanks to all)Even Brutus came down to visit the athletes (I forgot to mention that the swimming events took place in the class pool at OSU).

We are reminded often as we watch him swim that one of Beau's first comments to his mom after his lawnmower accident was "and he was just learning how to swim..." At that time we really didn't know what Bryson would be capable of but look at him now! He is a much better swimmer than I am!

Since Bryson enjoyed the swimming competition soon we will be headed to West Virginia for another one. The Ohio Wheelchair games was not a sanctioned event this year (which means their times won't qualify for nationals) so that's why we are doing another competition. If he does as well at this one it looks like he could go to the Junior Nationals in Chicago during the summer.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that on Monday of this week we got a call from someone at the Ohio Wheelchair games telling us that Bryson's metals are in the mail and that there would also be another award in there because Bryson was awarded the Rookie of the Year for the games - how cool is that! I'm really not sure how many rookies actually competed, but I know that he is proud of himself for it and so are we.

I included some pictures and videos of the event. Bryson swam the 25 Freestyle, 50 Freestyle, 25 Backstroke, and the 50 Backstroke.


Thought I was done

I pretty much thought I was done with this blog. It is not that Bryson still isn't doing amazing things or doing new things, but I just got busy - yes, like many of you. I didn't feel that I had time to sit down and blog anymore - still not sure how faithful I will be - but I have had many people ask me how Bryson is doing, wanting to see pictures and videos of the new things he has been doing, and asking all kinds of questions about his leg.

So this post is about Bryson's baseball season. Yes, we are at it again. He is now in Farm B. Beau is his coach and they are loving it together. Bryson gets to play catcher a lot right now which is really good. We have been waiting on a new leg now for about a month because the one he has now is literally falling apart, is too short, and giving him sores. I can tell that after a long day of school, playing out on recess, and then going to a game he really starts to limp and complains of his leg hurting. One game he even sat out half of the game because it was hurting him and he was not happy about that - so, for now, the catcher is a great position for him.

Side note on Bryson's leg - it should be completely ready this Friday. It is the first all new leg that he has gotten. The other times they just replaced parts. Bryson is really excited about his new leg and we are too. After we get this leg we are also beginning the process of getting an athletic leg for him which should help with his running. It is the kind of leg that has a curved metal bar at the bottom - you have probably seen it on tv before.

Anyway, back to baseball...Bryson is loving it. He hits the ball at most times up to bat, but he pretty much aimes the ball at the pitcher or 1st base man, so he usually does get out on first base. We have told him how important is to hit the ball and advance the runners even if he does not get on base himself. What I love most about this kid is that even when he gets out on first base he is all smiles as he is running back to the dugout. I have included a picture so you can see what I mean. He has gotten on base this season though and he has also made it home twice. When he does that you would think he just won the World Series. Too Cute!

I am also very impressed with the fans from the other teams. You don't know how many people from the other team cheer for Bryson when he hits the ball and gets on base and also the coaches from the other team you make is a point to tell Bryson he is doing a great job! God has certainly blessed us with so much support and we are truly thankful!

Now here are the pics: