Thursday, February 3, 2011

... And Yes, Another Sport for Bryson

This fall Bryson wanted to play what do you think we did...let him play soccer and Beau coached his team. 

We were the parents, before Bryson's accident, that said we wouldn't have our elementary children in sports.  We felt like took too much time, the parents in the stands were a little too intense, and we didn't want to put any kind of pressure like that on our little kids.  Well then Bryson's accident happened and we had to rethink a lot of things.  Bryson wanted to play sports so badly  - any sport - and we realized that any sport he played now would really be a form of physical therapy for him.  We figure any activity is good activity for this kid.  Call it justifying things, but this is what we have decided to do.  As a result of that decision we have to let all our kids play sports - wouldn't want to play favorites.:)  To be truthful, I'm always happy when the seasons are over but I love watching the kids have so much fun. 

So, about soccer season, does it surprise you that Bryson loves soccer?!  It didn't matter that his team wasn't very good he just loved playing.  His favorite position was goalie.  He had a lot of practice with it since that's the position he played at most recesses. 

side story:  Bryson got stuck at goalie a lot during recess and was very discouraged by it.  He wanted score goals like the other kids.  It wasn't until we told him that his uncle Burke was goalie that he decided he could do that.  Then Beau worked with him to show him how to dive for the balls and the rest was history.  Now he doesn't always like it that he has to take turns playing goalie.

Here are some pictures from the season.  I wasn't able to make it to all the games since Reagan's games were sometimes at the same time, but I was still able to get plenty of pictures.  (typical me!)

 Bryson's 1st Goal Kick.

 Wasn't meant to be - but it didn't phase him a bit.

 What kid doesn't like to throw the ball in, but how many are smiling during it.

They probably lost, but Beau does a great job of making it fun anyway.

One of my favorite stories from during soccer season happened after the games - more than once.  When I would go to pick him up he would say, "my leg, my legs gonna fall off."  How many parents hear that after a game.:)  His leg would get so sweaty that he just couldn't keep it on any longer.

Bryson's favorite sport is always whatever is in season, so at that time is was soccer.  I have a feeling their will be more soccer in his future.  We are in the process now of getting Bryson an athletic leg, so next year might be quite different for him.  He is very excited about getting this new leg.  Stay tuned for pictures of it - right now we are waiting for it to be made and trying to decide - knee or know knee - but that's a discussion for another day.

Hope you are all finding a way to stay warm.  We can finally see our driveway!