Sunday, May 17, 2009

Please, Please, Please Pray

I really don't know how we could've gotten through the last almost two years without the prayer from all of you are family, friends, and so many others we haven't even met. Because this was so vital to us and still is, I need to pass on a few more prayer requests for you. Just in the last couple of weeks we have been made aware of three lawn mower accidents and these children and families need your prayer. It gets me teary eyed when I read about them because everything is still so fresh in my mind - I don't think I will ever get passed that. The family we have listed in Ohio we have had some limited contact with them and I am praying we get the chance to actually meet them. I mentioned the possibility to Bryson and he said, "really, really, can we go see him. When! When!"

Here they are:

1. 6 year old boy in North Carolina (he has a blog at
His injuries are around his abdomen.

2. 4 year old girl in Kent Co. MI (The only reason I know of this is from somebody commenting on this blog. For those of you who may not read the comments, I wanted to make you aware so that you could be praying.) If I get any more information I will let you know.

3. 3 year old boy in Perry, OH. His injuries are very similar to Bryson's.

Again, please pray for these families.

If you would like to read more about lawnmower accidents there is a website dedicated to it:

Thank you, to the people who made us aware of these accidents. I try to contact the people I hear of because it is just as much, if not more, of a healing experience for me as I hope it is for them. I guess I am hoping and praying too that all of these experiences that we have gone through and will go through will not be in vain, but will be used by God.



Tracy Anne said...


Your family has already been a huge influence for His Kingdom because of Bryson's accident. It's so awesome that you all are willing to serve and comfort these families.

Have prayed for these kids and will pray some more.

amy said...

I will be praying for them as well as your family.

May God continue to use your experience as an instrument of healing for others.

Jenna said...

We will be praying for these little ones. Thank you for the informative site, I have been wanting to blog about the dangers of mowing with your child, i dont think many know about the risks. God bless you all.

ethan said...

I always pray for you,every day and every time.
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