Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Pictures

The other day I decided to take some pictures that were a little more informative and not just of my cute son.:) These pictures are for the curious among you. I know we put some pictures on the original website of what Bryson's leg looked like, but I thought it was time to take some pictures of what the healed leg looks like.

This next picture is a picture of where the skin graft was taken to put on the amputated leg. Bryson affectionately called it his "racing stripe."

In my last post I said that Bryson gets a lot of holes in his jeans from his prsothetic knee. Well, the next picture is the evidence. I would say from the fall until now we have put at least 15 pairs of pants for the boy. He wears them until the wholes are on both sides of the pants and then we throw them away and get another pair. We have worked out a system now where we get men's tube socks, cut off the toes, and rubberband those around the knee and that helps some but it is still not a perfect system. We replace the sock when it is totally shredded. The other day though, I had just bought him a new pair of jeans and they came back with holes in it already. The damage must have been done in gym class.:) The jeans in the picture are mild compared to how they look when I decided to throw them out. Now we just keep our eyes open for jeans that are $10.00 or less and buy them - gone are the days about being picky about the kind of jeans are son wears.:)

...and the last picture for this update. Bryson practicing his piano. I started teach Bryson piano I think in February and he is doing much better than I ever expected. Right now he is playing songs with both the right and left hands just not played at the same time. It doesn't take him long before has the pieces memorized. I always said there were two activites I would make my kids do without a choice - piano lessons through elementary school and swim lessons until they are a strong swimmer - now I have kept my word. I'm just glad Bryson enjoys both of these activites right now and so he doesn't know I am making him do them.:)



angie leverence said...

Bryson has a really great mommy. But he already knew that I bet!

Jamey said...

I know you don't know me but I have followed your blog for quite some time and found it through Hummel Land! I just wanted to let you know that if you buy your jeans at Sears they have a program called Kidvantage. They replace any jeans that get holes in them as long as you are replacing them with the same size. It's completely free and I have been using this program for years. With two of our kids being boys we had a big problem with holes in knees and were spending tons of money on jeans! Kidvantage was a lifesaver. Hope this helps :)

Our blog is "semi-private" but you are more than welcome to check it out.

Jenna said...

Brysons leg looks fantastic!! The end looks similar to Logan's. I never thought I would be such a jean snob but these days I am. I find that Pumpkin Patch jeans hold up great, OSh Kosh...............not so much!!!

amy said...

Thanks for sharing the personal glance; I am amazed at how well his skin has healed! Praise God!

Kelley said...

We use terry cloth 'wrist socks' on our daughter's prosthetic knee. They are similar to the wrist bands (like a tennis player would wear), but are longer so they cover the knee fairly well and cut down dramatically on wear and tear on her pants. I usually find them one to a pack, sometimes at Wallyworld or D!ck's S0prt!ng Goods.. Here is one I found online:

The Claar Family said...

I'm another blog reader you don't know, but I have followed Bryson's journey since the summer of his accident. The reason I'm commenting tonight is a news story that caught my attention...a 4 year old girl in Kent Co. MI was injured in a lawn mower accident. She has leg and foot injuries, and the mower was driven by a family member. Just thought you'd be the perfect people to be praying for the family! Glad to read good news about Bryson, and glad he's doing normal boy things like blowing through the knees of jeans in record time. Thank you for sharing your lives and testimony :)

justmisty said...

I have the exact same problem with pants and jeans for my son (dress pants are lucky to make 5min!) I've learned to attack pants sales, and since he is a twin, when I would normally buy each boy one pair, my son with his prosthetic leg always gets two pairs. I never seem to make sears but have heard about their deal and heard it works. We've tried foam skin, and many forms of knee covers but all either brake instantly or shred to pieces with a little help from my sons fingers. I am always glad for warm weather hear, we are in fla. so he wears shorts most of the year.