Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Moment Bryson Has Been Waiting For

Finally, the moment Bryson had been waiting for for a couple months now just happened. Last week we got to meet Charlie, the boy who had a similar accident to Bryson that I mentioned in a previous blog. Bryson was so excited to see him. For most of the two hour trip Bryson was asking me if we were there yet. I really think this was a good trip for Charlie to see how Bryson is doing, for Charlie's mom to ask some questions, for this mom to related to another mom is similar circumstances, and for Bryson to see another kid that looks just like him. Charlie looks great and seems to be full of spunk! I remember everyone saying that about Bryson and said it was going to be what helped him get through everything. I think it will be the same for Charlie. He was moving around great and even though he was getting tired toward the end of our visit (to be expected for sure) I could tell he has a lot of energy still. Looks like Charlie will be getting his new leg soon and I'm sure will be up running before we know it. Before we left we decided that we would need to see them again after Charlie gets his new leg so the boys can run around together. The two hour trip home was so nice. It gave me a chance to relive the last couple of years, all of the emotions I felt, pray for this family who was right in the middle of probably the toughest time in their life, and a chance for me to thank God for how far he has brought us in the last couple years. Again, this trip meant so much to Bryson and I. Bryson reminds me even at the dinner table that we need to pray for Charlie - so sweet! We hope that we can continue this relationship. It is true that nobody really understands what you are going through unless they've walked in your shoes. Please continue to pray for Charlie and his family as they start the process of getting his first prosthetic leg. I remember it was scary for Bryson at first and even a little painful.

Enjoy the pictures below!

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amy said...

Wonderful!! Praise God that you have this opportunity to comfort another as you have been comforted by our Heavenly Father.

This may be the beginning of a remarkable friendship, for the both of you!

May God continue to bless your family.