Monday, June 29, 2009


Can you stand it - two posts in one week!

I received a forward today and I just had to post about it. The email was about an organization called Ampucamp that is trying to get so many votes so that it can win a $25,000 grant. After visiting their site and reading the story I know you will all want to vote for them, so I just had to post. The story is of a little boy who had to have his leg amputated after a fluke kind of accident. The feelings the boys dad writes about are very similar to the ones Beau and I have shared with you over the past two years which are on this blog and our old website I also find it very interesting that the same song their video is being played to is the same song I used on for the video I made in my first couple posts of this blog. It brought me to tears as I relived the past two years of our lives while reading their story and watching their video. It is truly amazing to see God's hand move through it all.

Anyway, when you get a few moments check out the website for yourself and vote for them. I think it is a great cause.



Anonymous said...

I read the story, watched the video and voted. Another amazing little boy!!

Tracy Anne said...

Did not get to watch the video yet but I read the story and have voted!

I was disapointed that you folks were not at the Reunion over the 4th of July weekend as I was so looking forward to talknig with Bryson and meeting your new addition.

God brings you folks to mind fairly regularly and I have made it a habit to pray for those He puts on my brain!

Brian J. said...

Just wanted you to know what God's been up to with AMPUCAMP! I hope all is well in your world, and perhaps we'll get the chance to connect the boys one day at an AMPUCAMP event! :-) Check out

Anonymous said...

Its really a amazing story of little boy.
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