Monday, February 23, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Stopped By

We finally crossed a hurdle that has been in our view for about a month now and Bryson cleared it with flying colors. I think for every child it is a special time to lose a first tooth, but for Bryson it was so much more than that.

When Bryson first started talking about his friends losing their teeth he was adament about the fact that he did not want to lose his teeth. We tried to explain to him that all kids lose their teeth and they get new teeth. After a few conversations with Bryson we finally found out what the real problem was. He was afraid to lose his baby teeth because he didn't think it would grow back. Makes sense now coming from a child who lost his leg and it didn't grow back. To top it off his new leg is nothing like his old one.

Well that conversation was a couple months ago and it wasn't until last month when Bryson's tooth started getting loose. Bryson was pretty excited about it being loose since most kids in his class had a lost a tooth by now, but it changed one day after school. Bryson came home and said he didn't want to lose his tooth because a kid in his class said that it hurts and it bleeds. Again since Bryson's accident he freaks out at the sight of blood. If you remember way back just after Bryson's accident he was afraid to stand up or look at his leg for the first time because he was afraid to see "bleeds" again. He must have seen a lot of blood right after the accident. We tried to assure Bryson that if it bled there would not be much, but Bryson was not interested in anyone pulling out that dangling tooth. We were just hoping that he did not swallow the tooth while he was eating.

Finally the day arrived and I was so proud of my son. While he was eating breakfast on Feb 13th he just pulled that tooth right out. It sounds like he even shocked himself that he did it. There was just a little blood and he just wiped it really quick on his shirt. Since that day he does a lot of smiling and shows everybody the tooth he lost. He was, however, a little upset that the tooth fairy was going to take his tooth and that he would not be able to take it to school the following Monday, but that quickly subsided when Daddy told him what the tooth fairy leaves in exchange for the tooth.

This Mom is thankful that the dangling tooth finally came out, is thankful that there wasn't too many "bleeds", is thankful that the Tooth Fairy remembered to leave the quarters, and is thankful that we crossed another hurdle that day even if it was a smaller one.



Bryson's New Smile!


Hummel Family said...

Ya know, this kind of a milestone means that he is now GROWING UP!!! I love his new toothless smile. Maybe Bryson can help calm Caislyn's nerves. She's already fretting about the day that her tooth is loose. :)

Congrats Bryson!

angie leverence said...

Such a big kid. Great smile Bryson!

amy said...

Love the new smile, Bryson! Way to go =-)

ethan said...

Pretty smile Bryson.
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