Sunday, February 8, 2009

On the Slopes Again...

Since we last had a chat, Bryson's been on the slopes twice. Two trips ago we found ourselves right in the middle of a snowstorm. The drive home took us nearly two hours where it normally is just over one. Bryson looks forward to skiing each time. The most recent step forward is that Gary, his teacher, rather than tying straps to the front of Bryson's skis in order to help steer him, ties the strap around Bryson's waist. This allows Bryson to be in control of making the turns by himself. Standing 15 feet behind Bryson, all the teach does now is just make sure Bryson doesn't fly out of control down the hill. At the first of his two lesson, he started to enjoy falling so much that he wouldn't make a trip down the hill without falling and marking his spot in the snow.

We found the solution...bribery.

On our next trip MOMMY came along (she had nothing to do with the bribery). She was so excited to see Bryson, but terrified to get her skis on. We figured out that the last time she was on the slopes was February of 2002...before she knew she was pregnant with Bryson. On the way of the chair lift, she was appalled that I would even DARE not let her go down the bunny slope. Buuuuuuut, she made it...though dizzy once she made it to the bottom the first time (I don't think she took a breath the whole way down).

Enough about about the bribery.

Once we discovered again that Bryson was enjoying the falls, Grandpa Hummel pulled out his wallet. "50 cents if you make it down without falling." No problem. Before the next run, "$1 if you make it down without falling." No problem again. On the next run, the offer was $1 once again. Just as Bryson began down the hill he took a spill, without hesitation, you could hear him shout, "That didn't count!" Grandpa agreed, he really wasn't on the hill yet. Just as he began to start again, another accidental spill. "That didn't count!" Graciously grandpa agreed, this time with a chuckle. One more time, and he still isn't 20 feet down the hill, "That didn't count!" As soon as he was on his feet again, he made it all the way down and made his buck.

$2.50 in his pocket.

He still can't wait for the new pack of Pokemon cards.

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