Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Couldn't Wait!

There was so much I wanted to post between my last soccer post and now, but those will just have to come at a later time.  I just couldn't wait to show you this...


Isn't it the coolest thing ever!  I haven't even seen it in person yet but this picture makes it looks so cool.  I guess Bryson was really impressed!  Beau said he will need to get adjusted to it, but said that Bryson didn't get frustrated at all - which is huge. (he's a little of a perfectionist)  Come Monday morning he will take it to Physical Therapy with him which should help him out a little.  I guess on the bottom of the metal foot thing there should be some tread on it, but right now it is just a foam thing.  They will leave that on for a couple weeks and then bring him back to put the tread on it.  This is suppose to help them know where to put the tread or something like that.  Right now he can't be out on the pavement with it but that's fine as he learns how to use it.  I can't wait until I start seeing him run with it.  I'm sure his face will just light up.  We will work on getting a video of it.


Hummel Kiddos said...

Yay Bryson! I read a blog about a boy with this very same type of leg and he was so happy to be able to run and move around faster. :) can't wait for Bryson to wear it and run like the wind. :)

brenda1 said...

I LOVE your Star Wars Darth Vader leg! It is the coolest! Sorry I wasn't home tonight to see it...we'll have to run a race soon. Love you--PAPA HUMMEL

amy said...

Congrats on the new athletic leg!! I know from reading about Bryson's journey that there's no stopping this amazing child ~ Keep on keepin' on!

Love your photo for the header, too. Your family is an inspiration!