Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just a year ago

I was so excited when the real snow hit a couple weeks ago. I love winter but I especially love snow! I couldn't wait to take the kids out sledding and to just play in the snow. It dawned on me before we all bundled up to go outside that last winter Bryson didn't have a leg, so he either crawled around in the snow, we pulled him on the sled, or we carried him. I asked Bryson, "Bryson, do you remember last year when we went out in the snow." He said, "Did I have my old leg then?" I said, "No, you didn't have your old leg and you didn't have your new leg." It amazed me that he didn't remember. I'm also starting to think that in a few years he won't ever remember having two real legs and I'm not really sure if that makes me happy or sad. Well, here are the pictures to prove it. A snow angel with 1 leg and a snow angel with 2 legs.


angie said...

Both angels are completely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Lots of angels with damaged wings but still light the world around them and that's because they have experienced life making them brighter and more compassionate. He is one special angel that God has a great plan.

Good to see his progress and your precious family.

Carolyn J.

Carmine said...

Hey, guys- I found your blog through JoEllen's blog :) I love this post with the snow angels- what a cool comparison! Bryson is doing AWESOME! There's nothing this kid can't do!

Keep up the postings!

-Carmine (Blinn) Bortner

Anonymous said...

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