Monday, December 22, 2008

New Leg...New Blog

Welcome to our new location. A few changes have taken place lately, to let you know we thought a complete overhaul wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Question 1: Why the change from website to blog?
Answer: A kind family member had been anonymously paying for the upkeep of the website unbeknownst to us. And since we haven't been making all that many updates during the last few months, it only seemed to make sense to take go the route of "free." (And an anonymous public thanks to the kind person who took care of the website for the past 14 months!)

Question 2: Changes? What changes?
Answer: Really only one of any significant importance. It was becoming pretty clear to Nicole and I over the past few months that Bryson was beginning to walk with a limp. Big dummy me, it never crossed my mind that the kid would be growing and would at some point have to get his leg extended. A few weeks ago we went to the prosthetic company and, sure enough his leg was too short...1 3/4 INCHES SHORT! That was a Tuesday. He told us to come back Friday to get the leg fixed and as I was walking out the door with Bryson and Reagan at my side, he whispered that he'll try to take care of the color issues.

The next few days I tried to get Bryson prepared for the fact that his leg may no longer be red. We covered all the colors including polka dot designs. I was convinced Bryson was ready for anything. In the end, it really didn't matter. Though his leg isn't "Buckeye" red, it's now "Buckeye" gray--"The color of the helmet" as Bryson so eloquently put it.

So now Bryson is on level ground. He does stumble and fall with a bit more frequency and his run isn't quite as fast. The reason: It was real easy for him to throw his right leg forward without it hitting the ground with nearly 2 inches of clearance below his now short leg. With his leg extended, he's got to relearn the length of his leg and how high he has to lift his stump just to throw his leg forward. (I'm trying to explain this as clearly as possible. If I'm not being clear enough, I'm really sorry.)

So before I say farewell, take a moment to change your "favorites" setting on your web browser. We'll keep doing our part (and maybe even better) to keep you informed under this new setting. If you have any suggestions of how we can improve (other than more frequent updates...we know, we know), let us know, too.

Thanks again for all your prayers. The boy STILL never ceases to amaze.


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Anonymous said...

Can you post on the other website that you switched? Especially on the "Updates" page, for those people who only have that page bookmarked and don't know there's another site. :)